Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scavenger Dash 2010

Scavenger Dash Tampa 2010
At the Scavenger Dash you are given a set of 12 clues. You solve the clues and then begin to trek around the city to take photos with the objects to prove you went there. The clues below are in the order that we visited them throughout the city. You only need to get 11 and get back first to win, but we wanted to get all 12 - and we did! Only 3 teams out of the 26 got all twelve that day. Jake & I got them, and my parents went with us and did all 12 as well.

PHOTOS TO COME LATER - They are taking too long to upload.

SD Clue # 8 - Before donning the pinstripes to begin a now-lifted curse, this phenom hit a dinger of monumental proportions. Picture of both in front of the marker commemorating it.
Answer: Babe Ruth Plaque at University of Tampa.

SD Clue # 1 - Build by General Jesse Carter this building has served many purposes over the years and is the city's oldest surviving structure.
Answer: Old School House at University of Tampa.

SD Clue # 4 - You're upwardly mobile today. Pic of both in an elevator.

SD Clue #3 - Near Heroe's Plaza, don't wrestle the gator. Rather let's see your team as a two headed turtle.
Answer: Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park

SD Clue # 5 - Just outside the no bone zone, picture yourself beneath the giant biostris.
Answer: Manta Ray at Florida Aquarium

SD Clue #9 - Word Scramble: etincannel occkl epke.
Answer: Centennial clock keep at Tampa Union Station

SD Clue #12 - Find the spot where Joseph B Lancaster can be found hanging out with pirates, soldiers and other mayors. Take a picture with the marker bearing his name.
Answer: Oaklawn Cemetery

SD Clue #6 - Paulina Pedroso lived here and Cuban soil has been brought here. Picture of one of you in front of the gate.
Answer: Casa de Pedroso in Ybor City

SD Clue #2 - Somewhere on 7th avenue between 17th & 19th street - Pic of one person with Hexagon that reads "Wayne Prinkey Happy 40th Bday... Or you could get a pic of both with a cigar roller at work.

For clues that didn't require a picture we had:

#11 - Curtis Hixon park, where we received an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and had to cut it into a piece big enough to climb through without any broken ends. That took us a while LOL.

#7 Victor, Felipe, Randy, Glenn, David, & Alex know where it's fun to stay. Answer: YMCA. When we found it we had to sing the YMCA song and do the arm movements.

#10 John Montague invented it, "your mom wants you to eat at" the place that perfected it. Answer: Jimmy John's – had to bring back a napkin from there.

12:00PM – 3:30PM. Did 7 miles on foot and some trolley riding. SUPERFUN!!!

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