Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lake Park

Took a trip to a park called Lake Park in Tampa. It was a HOT day today. On the brochure it mentioned an archery area, so we took our bows just in case there really was a good spot. We just have simple basic bows, but they are alot of fun.

On the drive down to the archery area a deer ran out in front of us! I got a pick through the windshield and then it bounded off.

We got to the archery area and it was so cool. They had targets set up everywhere, and stands for hanging your bow. There were stone circles with numbers on them so you could choose how far away to stand. And there were paths throughout the woods that led to different types of targets. We had a ton of fun!

After that we drove over to the other part of the park that had the fitness trail. No trees or shade on the gravel trail. There was some scrubby stuff along the sides, but nothing to shade the actual trail. After the first exercise area I suggested we just leave and go swim. That was a winning idea!

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